Maintenance FAQ

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Maintenance, Repair, Alterations?

Maintenance issues will be handled as quickly as possible.

  1. RNB Maintenance - You are responsible for reporting all maintenance issues as soon as they arise. RNB will respond to each maintenance problem in a timely manner, as they are notified of such issues.
  2. Tenant Maintenance - You may not issue maintenance to your home unless instructed by RNB staff. RNB will not authorize you to repair items that may be dangerous or require an advanced skill.
  3. Repair - You are responsible for paying the cost of repair for any damages you caused to the premises.
  4. Alterations - You may not alter, re-key or install any locks or security systems to the premise without prior written permission of RNB. In the event that RNB grants permission, you are responsible for supplying copies of all keys and new security codes.
Lock Boxes?

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