Move-In FAQ Center

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Just approved. Now what?

Once you have been approved a 24-hour hold will be placed on the property. You have 24-hours to accept and an additional 24-hours after acceptance to arrange a meeting, submit the full security deposit and sign all required documents including the lease. If you fail to respond and/or sign all the required materials in the time allowed, then you forfeit your first positional rights to the next qualified applicant party.

What can I expect at the signing?

Each approved applicant must bring to the signing the following to be verified if they have not already done so in addition to the security deposit.

  1. Photo Identification - driver's license, passport, and/or state ID card.
  2. Second form of ID - social security card, birth certificate, credit/debit card, bank statement, or a utility bill.
  3. Two recent pay stubs or three months of recent bank statements if self-employed. At the signing, you can expect a property manager to willingly go over all materials and explain any questions regarding the terms of the lease. It is during this time that a move-in date will be determined and a Move-In inspection scheduled. A property manager will conduct a tenant orientation either after the signing, if time allows, or at a mutually convenient time.
Lease or month-to-month?

RNB requires that most initial leases are for a term of 6-12 months. After a one year term you or RNB may choose to renew on a month to month basis. Please note that an RNB may opt to initially rent the property on a month to month basis.

What about the Security Deposit?

All security deposits are refundable and are held as security in case you default on paying the required rent amount or damage the property. RNB will only accept a security deposit in the form of a cashier's check. RNB determines the security amounts given the following guidelines:

  1. Unfurnished Property – The security deposit may not exceed two months' rent.
  2. Furnished Property – The security deposit may not exceed three months' rent.

Note: Tenants with waterbeds may be required to submit and additional half a months' rent. (i.e. 2.5 or 3.5) RNB does not pay interest on security deposits becausethey are held in a non-interest bearing trust account.

What about the first month's rent?

RNB will only accept the first month's rent in the form of a cashier's check. In the succeeding months you may pay in the form of cashier's check, money order, personal check or through an electronic funds transfer (ACH). If the move-in day falls on or between the 2nd and 15th of the month, then the first month's rent will be prorated by the Prorate Formula. If the move-in day does not fall on or between the 2nd and 15th of the month, then the first month's rent will be one full month's rent + the prorated portion. If the move-in date falls on the first then only the first month's rent will be due. As agreed in the lease agreement rent shall be prorated on the basis of 365 calendar days.

Calendar Year Proration Formula: ((Last Day of Month - Move-In Day) +1 ) x ((Monthly Rent x 12) / 365) = Prorated Amount

What is the Move-In Inspection?

RNB will conduct a separate move-in inspection by recording the condition of the property on the RNB Initial Move-In Checklist and by cataloging a series of digital photographs. Each applicant party must complete and sign the Tenant Move-In Itemized Statement within 14 days of the move-in date. We suggest that the inspection is conducted during the morning or early afternoon to allow for visibility of the interior and exterior. If you feel that repairs are still needed, then you may submit a Move-In Request for Repairs form.