RNB's Most Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your monthly Management fee and what does it include?

Our monthly Management fee for a single family home or any one unit in a multi-unit development is a flat rate, all inclusive and zero hidden fees (please contact our office for the current flat rate). Any and all fees that an owner would incur during the management of their own property is passed to the owner. The time, gas, leg work and inconveniences associated with managing a property is what RNB offers as a service and is included in the monthly management fee.

  1. Normal Maintenance & Repair Coordination
  2. 24/7 Maintenance Emergency Response
  3. Rent Collection
  4. Serving Notices & Appearing in Court
  5. One Annual Inspection
  6. Two Annual Drive-by Inspections (upon request)
  7. Move-Out Inspection (prorated 21 day management fee)
  8. Pay Bills Associated with Property (i.e., water, sewer)
  9. Monthly Reports & Annual Tax Reports (i.e., 1099)

What is your fee to Rent-Up my property and what does it include?

Our Rent-Up fee with Management is 50% (without Management service is 75%) of one month's rent or $600, whichever is greater, which includes:

  1. Property Signage
  2. Property Profile Webpage
  3. Social Media Ads
  4. Craigslist.org
  5. Syndication of Rental Websites
  1. Unlimited Tenant Showings
  2. Tenant Screening
  3. Lease Signing & Negotiating with Owner
  4. Digital Move-In Inspection (200-700+ digital photos)

What is the difference between a Rent-Up and Management?

At RNB Property Management we classify our array of services into two categories: Rent-Up and Management. You as an owner have the option of choosing one or both services. We recognize that many owners enjoy managing their own properties but would prefer to pay a fixed fee to professionally market and screen the ideal tenant through our Rent-Up services. Those who currently have an occupied rental may opt to transfer to our Management services at no additional cost.

How do you determine the appropriate rent?

You as an owner determine the rent but as a service included in the Rent-Up we advise our clients by providing up-to-date market comparables provided by our InfoTracker system.

What is InfoTracker?

InfoTracker is a system unique to RNB that provides the analysis of statistical rental data of more than 50 property management companies within Placer and Sacramento counties. The information contained in the InfoTracker database (i.e., year built, square footage, rents, deposits, etc.) allows a property manager to provide current rental comparables in order to establish the appropriate market rent.